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How to make tumeric oil and onion oil

In today's article it is all about making avocado and tumeric oil. It's very easy and healthy.

1. Tumeric


Sunflower oil and grapeseed oil

Tumeric root


Peel and wash and pound your tumeric, add your oil into a pan and heat in a very low heat. add your tumeric, heat and stir for a minute. Bring it down and allow it to cool and transfer into a clean bowl.

Tumeric helps remove black head, acne and black spots. It smoothens and lighten the skin tone. It can be used to cure face pimples, sunburn and skin discoloration.

2. Onion oil


One medium onion

Coconut oil


Peel the onions and wash it, cut it into cubes and blend with little water until it is smooth and place a pot on low heat and add coconut oil and the blended onions and allow it to boil like for 5 minutes.

Onion is rich in sulphur, onions is a growth boosting herb, incorpate onions to your hair every day. it boost hair growth and prevents hair loss, it reduces dandruff, increase hair growth and strengthen hair root.Thanks

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