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How to make your hair black

With the age of advanced hair-treatments, almost no one has black-hair anymore.

The secret of getting natural black hair is held in nature and natural home-based products without any side effects.

Here, are some ways to make your hair black;

1. Mulethi and Ghee

This is more like a natural 'deep-conditioning' treatment that would work wonders for dry hair.

Mulethi makes the hair black, thick, shiny and glowing.

It's a wonderful solution to make your hair jet black.

2. Mango Stones

This sounds new (at least to me). Mainly, the oil of mango Stones is known to be magically turn grey-white hair black again. Better still,if you start utilizing mango stone oil before you climb into the age ladder, you might never see yourself graying ever.

3. Coconut oil with lemons

This is one of the most ancient and trusted natural home remedies to treat the problem of gray hair and grow a nice head of thick, black hair. 

If followed on a regular basis,you will soon be growing back your hair to black in no time.

4. Carrot

This is more of an internal natural home remedy than a tropical one. All you need to do is , grind some carrots and strain the juice. Drink this juice first thing in the morning everyday for best results.  After some time, your hair will natural turn back.

What are your favorite tips to make your hair black? Share your views with me.

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