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Use Pepper And These Other Ingredients To Permanently Kill All Bed Bugs In Your Home

Do you know that many people are living with bed bugs in their homes without knowing?

More so, a lot of persons carry bed bugs on their body without knowing, because bed bugs are very tiny insects that blends with the texture of your skin and Hair especially for those with a dark skin complexion.

Hence, it is important that you do a quick check for these tiny insects in your home and follow these simple steps to permanently eradicate all of them from your home.

Bed bugs are natural blood suckers, they feed on human blood and that is why you find them lodged in places such as your bed corners, cushion chairs, pillows etcetera.

These home properties (chair and bed) are the two properties you use more often when you're at home. So they hid themselves there to get easy access to your Body.

The bitter truth is these tiny blood sucking insects can be a source of serious embarrassment:

imagine going to visit a friend and a bed Bug falls from you Hair or cloth? Your friend won't only ask you to go outside they will conclude that you home is already infested with these insects.

The techniques and the ingredients you will be needing are simple and easy to get.

All you need are:

1. One teaspoon of Grounded pepper

2. One tablespoon of Baking soda

3. One teaspoon of freshly grated Ginger

4. One cup of water

5. A spray can.

To prepare it, pour the cup of water into the spray can, add the baking soda, grounded pepper and freshly grated ginger. Cover the spray can and shake properly to mix the mixtures effectively.

Then spray the solution in every corner of your house.

Bed bugs and mosquitoes are kind of similar because they are both blood feeders. Although mosquitoes causes malaria, while bed bugs can cause worse sickness and diseases such as:

1. Chagas disease: they transmits a deadly disease known as chagas disease which is very common.

2. Skin rashes, redness of skin, and allergies.

3. Severe bites from bed bugs causes prominent blisters commonly called "boil"

please don't take bed Bug Infestation in your home lightly, follow these steps to flush them out.

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