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Jewelry Rules for Men

People judge you by the kind of jewelry and accessories you have. For men, it signifies power, status, and commitment to things. More often, it's more about how you wear it than what you wear. Not many men appreciate jewelry, but the few ones who do sometimes wear them wrongly. If you cherish wearing jewelry, and want to wear them the right way, read along as we expose you to the basic rules in using jewelry for men.

Maintain a simple style

One important rule if using jewelry for most people is to keep it simple. A good place to start is a wristwatch. Get a good gold or silver stainless wristwatch, and then start thinking of cufflinks and tie accessories.

Match your jewelry

If you have a silver wristwatch, every other metal you wear on that outfit must also be silver. These include your bracelet, cufflinks, the buckle of your belt and shoes, and neckpiece. Similarly, gold blends with any earth color like brown and deep yellow.

Don't wear oversized jewelry

Like an oversize cloth, unfitting jewelry looks bad on you. They make you appear cheap and proud. It is not a style statement, no matter what you have seen. Besides, simplicity is the key to true elegance. Get your oversized jewelry fixed, or don't use them at all.

Choose the right size

A tight bracelet or ring can injure or put a permanent scar on your body. If you are on the big side, you should use thinner bands. Similarly, someone with a thin wrist should pick smaller-face wristwatches instead of the big ones.

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