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How To Step Up Your Fashion As A Guy

The first step as a guy to rock as fashion star is to make sure your hair is trimmed properly and beards are in shape.

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Always wear good deodorant and oil perfumes this gives off sweet scents that make ladies come closer to you when they want to talk.

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Constantly exercise and do push ups to get your perfect body shape so when you wear clothes it fits properly on you,also try to have an accent might be a french accent or American accent so it creates this foreign look on you.

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Wearing unbranded clothing is the real boss deal because they make you stand out in public and keep you looking sharp and proper.

I am not saying wearing branded clothings with logos or write up is bad, but most times this clothing line usually change their design which runs out of vogue leaving you the consumer in misery, and that means you are wearing out dated clothes so you constantly need to keep up so you don't look foolish.

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