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How To Combine Two Different Materials To Produce A Boubou Gown

Boubou gowns are usually very long, beautiful, attractive, and decent. They can only be sewn properly and beautifully by professional and skillful fashion designers. 

However, most fashion designers, both within and outside our country, have been trying to come up with new ways to design their boubou outfits just to make their clients happy and satisfied.

It is true that your customers will surely get tired of the clothes you make if you keep sewing one particular style for them. This is why this article was written, so we will show you different ways to combine materials to make a beautiful boubou gown.

There are two major ways to combine two materials in order to make a beautiful boubou gown:

1. Combine satin and Ankara material; you can make any style you want, using the Ankara to make the body of the gown and the satin to make the sleeves.


2. The second way to combine materials to make a boubou gown is to use two silky materials, but you need to use multiple colors in order for the boubou gown to look beautiful.

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