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Skin Care

Common Causes of Pimples And How To Clear Them

Do you want to know why your face is covered in pimples? Or have you gotten to the point where you don't know what else to do to get rid of pimples on your face? This article will reveal 8 surprising things that causes pimples and most of us don't know about.

Check them out:

1. Face towelIt's with no doubt that majority of us ladies often make use of one face towel over and over again before washing it.

I'll advise you to stop that practice now because face towel ideally should only be used once and not more than twice before washing it.

This is because sometimes, there are still products leftover on your face and it gets on the clean towel. Also, oils from your hair could transfer to the face towel thereby causing pimples.

2. Makeup brushesAs a matter of fact, beauty brushes are one of the filthiest accessories in your beauty kits. This is because bacterial live in makeup brushes and causes pimples on your face.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to wash your makeup brushes at least once a week.

3. Silk pillowcaseIt doesn't matter how great your skin care routine is, if you are fond of sleeping on pillow cases that are dirty, you are certainly going to have pimples on your face and this is going to reduce your chances of having a beautiful skin.

The reason why it is recommended to always use silk pillowcases, is because it has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and it also locks in moisture in your skin unlike the cotton pillowcases that sucks the moisture out of the skin and leaving it dry flaky and irritated.

4. Sweaty workoutWhenever you workout, it is certain that your pores become open and products and sweat get into the pores and clog it.

That notwithstanding, in order for you to avoid having pimples after a workout, ensure that you cleanse your skin immediately and apply a face mask or use of face wash that gently exfoliate their face.

5. Hair product

Hair product can cause pimples on the face especially when you sleep. So, you should make sure and that you sleep on a silk pillowcase.

Also, whenever you are applying hair products, make sure you apply it away from the face. If for any reason the hair product touches your face, you should wipe it immediately.

6. Hormonal acne

It will interest you to know that pimples that form around your jawline, chin and cheeks are hormonal acne. Androgen is a hormone that is in both women and men and can contribute to the flare-up of acne.

What exactly happens is that this hormone (androgen) stimulates the oil glands and changes the development of the skin cells which causes pimples on the face.

7. Food and drinks

The type of food we eat and drinks we take can also affect our skin and cause pimples. For instance, consuming too much of food that is acidic. Below are examples of acidic foods and drinks are: wine, onions, spicy food, lemon, garlic and tomatoes.

8. Pimples from wearing face masks and face coverings

Wearing a face mask clogs your pores. whether it's oils, skin care, products, sweat, bare skin or your makeup, the mask creates a sticky surface. Mask acne (pimples) really happens around the mouth, cheeks, nose and chin.

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