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3 reasons why should run away from any woman that wears waist beads

Waist bead is the latest trend around, a lot of women wear it without knowing the true meaning of what it implies. Before I start, I have to ask, do you wear waist beads? Why do you wear it? For the men, can you date a woman that wears waist beads? Please answer in the comments section.

 Some women say they wear the beads to 1) give them shape.

2) Watch their weight.

3) For Fashion purpose.

But these are other 3 Reasons why should run away from women that wears waist beads:

1) Some women soak their waist beads in magical potions that attracts men and cripples men to dance to their tunes.

2) Some women that wear it are runs girls, they are not decent and are available for any man.

3) Girls with waist beads are cheap and are easy to hook up with. They feel like Wearing a waist bead makes you easy to get.

What do you think?

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What are your opinions on waist beads?

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