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Skin Care

7 Basic SkinCare Errors We Make That Affects Our Face

It is with no doubt that majority of ladies often spend a lot of money and time trying to get expensive cosmetics in a bid to enhance their facial beauty but end up not getting the desired results.

Well, it is important for you to know that there are some common mistakes we often make that you need to avoid in order to get your desired result.

Below are some mistakes you need to avoid:

1. You do not use makeup removers.If you are always washing your makeup with water or one cleanser and not make-up remover, you are certainly going to leave some cosmetic products on your face.

It will interest you to know that these left particles can lead to the clogging of the skin pores which will thereby increase the oil contents in your skin.

I'll advise you to use makeup remover before you wash your face as it's a necessary item for the best of your skin.

2. You do not use tonerThe main reason why it is important to always make use of toner is because it helps to restore the pH balance of our skin.

3. You are using powder to remove the oil shine from your faceAlthough we often make use of face powder to help us get rid of extra shine during the cold or harmattan season, unfortunately it cannot keep your skin dry or matte for a long time.

Instead of using powder, I will advise you to make use of the natting wipes as they will help in removing unnecessary oils from your skin and also not add anything to your face.

4. Before applying makeup, you correct your eyebrows.If you know that you have extra hair on your eyebrow or upper lip, it is advisable to leave them as they are because they cannot be diminished by using makeup.

5. Before taking a shower, you wash your face.

6. Before going to sleep, you do not apply skin care products.If as a lady you make use of the night creams, either serum or a mask, your skin is certainly going to restore a better way.

This is because the substances that are present in the products are capable of neutralizing the adverse effect of decorative cosmetic products you've always applied on your face and will also help to give you a fresh look.

7. You are not using SPF products on the cloudy days.It's a reality that everyone wants to stay healthy and beautiful. Therefore, it is important to always protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays from the sun by using SPF on sunny days.

It will interest you to know that UV rays are also harmful when the weather is cloudy. Hence, it is necessary to protect your skin throughout the year, whether it is sunny or not.

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Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )


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