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Changes That Happen To A Man's Penis As He Grows Older

The adage "Age is just a number" may be accurate, but for many men, that number can lead to unwanted changes in their private regions. Men's bodies alter as they age, and some of those changes have pènis-specific effects.

According to MedicalNewsToday, the most typical changes that occur to your pènis as you age are covered in detail below:

1. Changes in appearance

One of the most obvious aging-related changes is the natural fading of skin color, according to WebMD. Regardless, a man can anticipate some lightening of the skin tone as he ages. This may be accelerated by certain lifestyle factors or illnesses. Areas of the scrotum that are exposed to sunlight and rough clothing show this discoloration the most.

As they age, some men may notice a slight reduction in their pènis' length and shaft's circumference. This is typical and the result of a minor drop in androgen levels, a class of hormones that promotes erections and the development of male genitalia.

2. Changes in sensitivity

A loss in sensitivity found in the pènis with time is another typical change that can happen with aging. This is brought on by a reduction in nerve function and a man's ability to enjoy stimulation of the penile organ and physical contact. Although while this isn't a serious problem, it can nonetheless be frustrating during s£x.

The amount of time it takes for a man to restore complete erectile function after £jaculation may reduce in some men in addition to the drop in sensitivity. Several orgàsms can be challenging to obtain in a single session as men get older and require longer to get an erèction following £jaculation.

3. Changes in erection

As a man becomes older, it's not uncommon for his pènis to take longer to become erèct. This may be partially attributable to a drop in testosterone levels and alterations in blood flow. The size of the male erection peni$ may also shrink in some men. A decrease in androgens may possibly be the cause of this.

The good news is that although these changes are typical, men may discover that they can increase the frequency and quality of their erections by making lifestyle changes including quitting smoking, exercising frequently, and following a nutritious diet.

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