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Simple ways to keep mosquito away from your house.

I hope my methods work for you, they have made a big difference at our house and allowed us to enjoy the summer months more.

If mosquitoes in the house are a problem, you will

probably want to wear mosquito repellent

throughout the day. Many commercial products

work well, but they come with risks, especially for

everyday use. However, our natural solutions are

just as practical and perfectly safe. Here are our

best suggestions for keeping mosquitoes away

from you.

Skip the Perfume

Many perfumes attract mosquitoes to you. If you

seem to be eaten alive by mosquitoes, it may be

your perfume. Stop wearing it for a few days to see

if it helps. If you must wear scent, try an essential

oil blend that contains the oils of plants that

mosquitoes hate, such as lavender.

Use mosquito net.

Mosquito nets are an old but practical solution to

the mosquito problem. Use mosquito nets to

surround your bed and keep mosquitoes away.

Don’t forget to cover your baby’s crib with mosquito

netting also. Netting is a good solution in areas

with a high mosquito population.

Hang the nets from the ceiling or the bed canopy

and surround the bed. Raise the net to get into bed,

then replace it with a barrier and a good night’s


Rub Dryer Sheets on Your Skin

Dryer sheets are reported to help repel mosquitoes.

I haven’t tried this method personally, but I would

use a scented lavender sheet for best results. It is

also a great way to keep spiders away .

Some people might be allergic to the dryer sheets,

so avoid using dryer sheets if you have sensitive


Swat Them Better

If a mosquito does land on you, kill it. But here is

the best way to swat them. For best results, don’t

react immediately. Give the mosquito a minute to

settle in and get ready to bite.

Then attack quickly with a fast slap. Usually, if you

slap them immediately, they are on the lookout and

will get away. Once they have relaxed their

diligence, you can swat them more reliably.

Neem Oil

Neem oil is a natural insecticide and repellent. In

its concentrated form, it can cause skin irritations in

some people, so always use it diluted with coconut

oil, olive oil, or another carrier oil.

Neem oil has a strong smell that some people find

unpleasant so that you can use other essential oils

in the mix for a better fragrance.

Neem Oil Spray Recipe

4 teaspoons warm coconut oil

20 drops neem oil

5-10 drops lavender or other pleasant fragrance


Our neem oil spray recipe is designed to fit into a

small bottle. Mix it directly in the bottle and spray

onto all exposed areas of skin every 8 to 12 hour.

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