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Four Categories Of Native Attires That Are Mostly Worn To Events On Saturdays

Today is Saturday and there are so many events going on around our neighborhoods. Some people are getting married, while some are doing burial ceremonies. However, you need to look good at any of the events you attend. Remember that you will be addressed according to how you are dressed.

You will meet some business men, captains of industries, bank managers, politicians, and clergy men. They won't take you seriously if you don't put on an outfit that will make you look valuable.

There are four categories of outfits that can be worn to any of these events, and they are:

1. Aso ebi: You and your group of friends can use the same type of material to make different styles of outfits.

2. Off-the-shoulder ensembles in damask or Senegalese fabric.

3. Long gowns; they will make you look mature and classy at the same time, despite the fact that these types of long gowns are typically worn by married women.

4. Puffed hands: This style can be made with any type of fabric.


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