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How to cut your own hair at home using your clippers

The recent covid-19 pandemic caused some people to cut their hair themselves at home and some people couldn't because they don't know how to go about it. You can cut your hair at home and even get fade all by yourself, if you have a like to rock a short hair it's an added advantage. Follow this guide and take it at a slow pace and you will soon become a pro at cutting your hair.

The tools you'll need are;

1. Clipper

2. Comb

3. Hair brush

4. Mirror

5. Scissors(optional)

The steps involved in cutting your own hair are as follows;

1. Select a hair style from the guide below, don't go for something complex as a beginner.

2. Prepare your work space

You can use the bathroom or backyard, get everything you need ready before you touch your hair. Operate the hair clippers to get familiar before you touch your hair; turn it on and off, change the speeds, clip and change the guards on and off, change the clipper blades because You can't be going to check the clipper manual when half of your hair is already off.

3. Start cutting the sides

Fix your choice or size of step or guards on the clippers. Cut your hair against the direction of hair growth, starting from the bottom and moving clippers upwards to the top. Go over and over a spot to make sure you cut all hair.

Cut the lower hair a little bit shorter, refer to the photos. You'll get to blend the two lengths later creating a fade and this will make your hair look professional.

4. Cut the back of your hair

Using the mirror as guide cut along to the back of your head still work slow and steadily. Cut the hair by moving clippers. Cut the low part of the back head a little bit shorter. The cut should be even connecting all sides.

5. Giving the hair a Fade

To get a Fade well done you need to make sure the difference between the upper and lower section of the hair cut is slightly different to create an easily visible line between the two. The position of the line is going to determine the type of fade which are 3 in number(low, high, mid). The line should be symmetrical all around your head.

6. Create a Fade by smoothen the visible line around the head changing the size of the clipper guard and step to make the transition easy.

To blend the two length of hair creating a fade, you’ll need to use different guard and steps of clippers between the two. Drag the clipper carefully over the line to create the fade, be careful not to go too far upward to avoid changing hairstyle.

7. Cut the top

Use a long length guard or step for the topmost part of the hair, make sure everything is symmetrical.

8. Clean the hairline

Barb and trim any facial hair unwanted. Always cut one side and then continue on the other side to make it symmetric and avoid mistakes.

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