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Mothers, check out 15 designs you and your daughters can rock this coming easter

We celebrated Mother’s Day just few days ago and it really was a great time celebrating our mothers. Easter is fast approaching and as usual, many of the children are depending on their mother’s to buy their clothes. When I was growing, my mum was in the habit of buying me really big outfits, and I used to hate them. This was because it gave my friends reason to laugh at me. Mothers kindly ensure you buy your kids beautiful outfits that’s their perfect size. Don’t buy clothes you expect them to fit into in the next 5 years.

I love seeing families in matching outfits during any major celebration. In most cases it helps to promote our cultural values. It’s usually a beautiful scene to behold, when a mother and her daughter her wearing similar outfits. Materials that can be used for these matching outfits includes, lace, Ankara, cashmere, adire amongst several others.

There's no limit to the types and design of outfit you can choose to opt for. I’ve compiled several designs that you and your daughter can sew from. You can even go through them with your daughters, so as to involve them in the selection process. Here are pictures of some styles I think will look good on you and your daughters.

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