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Inspiring Fashion Moments of BBNaija Star, Arin After Her Eviction [Photos]

Big Brother Naija Star, Arin is a fashionista who has inspired us with different fashion creativity. She has rocked classy/inspiring outfits after her eviction from the Reality Show.

In today's fashion content, we will look at some fashion creativity of Arin, and how she has inspired us with her fashion sense after her eviction from the show.

The above gown is a simple long gown perfect for outdoor activities. Her fashion sense above has a high creativity, and worth copying by young ladies.

One good quality of a fashionista, is knowing the perfect outfit colours that will suit your skin, and sticking to them so that your look when stepping out, can be captivating to sights.

Looking at the above fashion sense, she rocked her black black gown which perfects her appearance, coupled with the colour of her cap and footwear. The light pink or most times called peach colour of her cap, compliments her black and black been a primary colour, made her look perfect.

Because she rocked a same colour footwear with her cap, it then did well to perfect her cap colour and appearance. Her hand bag also played a good role in her appearance, making her look perfect for any form of official activity.

Above is a nice and perfect white and black combination. She wore her white flaw gown with a black trouser, and the two colour gave her a good look, as they matched themselves well.

Her wig colour, did a great work to compliment her skin tone. It's either a wearer of the above attire rocks a brown wig of a black wig. These two colour of wig are perfect for such attire, because the brown wig will perfect her skin tone, while if its a black wig, then it will perfect her her attire colour.

So her choice of wig colour was perfect and proves her good sense of fashion, which is worth copying by young women.

I really admire the above sweet black gown, and the styling. This is a great fashion creativity that proves her good sense of fashion. Black colour really does great to compliment her skin tone, as we can see clearly above.

A fashionista will agree with me that the above is a high attire has a high sense of creativity, and perfect for any dinner event/party or friends hangout. I love the one hand style of the gown, and also how she rocked it with a classy footwear.

The two peice outfit above, has a nice colour combination that perfects the wearer, and also offers her a captivating appearance.

She rocked a short jeans skirt and a nice top that compliments her skirt, and also the similar colour heels she wore played a good role in her making her look more captivating and attracting.

Above is another 2 piece outfit of jean skirt and white shirk. Two piece wears like Jeans and shirt are good/perfect fashion wear for young ladies who are stepping out on evening dates or dinner events.

Blue/white are good matching colours which matches any kind of skin tone, and also offers the wearer a captivating appearance. Every young lady can tryout any of the above fashion sense of Arin, to look outstanding when stepping out.

Photo Credit: Instagram / thearinolao

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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