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See different ways you can style your facial hair to give you a more mature and attractive look

A short box beard is just a short version of the full beard. The ideal length is around three-quarters of an inch. It's another masculine style that's great in summer,and exceptionally versatile. Rock this with basically any hairstyle,including a bald head. Additionally a short boxed beard can be little more workplace friendly and easier to maintain than a full beard. The beard cover most of the bottom half of the face and includes a mustache. Another benefit of this style is that if you keep a lower cheek line, it will accentuate your cheekbones.

This are some amazing pictures of short boxed beard

Embrace your masculinity with these attractive shortbeard styles. If your not sure about rocking a beard or simply don't want to spend the time growing your facial hair out,then these are the styles for you. They look fantastic and are relatively easy to maintain. A short beard also gives you a sense of maturity and humor plus short beards are more office-friendly and you can easily change things up.

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