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Latest Aso-Ebi Styles for Gorgeous Ladies

Asoebi is a uniform traditionally worn by a group of people for an event, such as white wedding, naming ceremony, traditional wedding, birthday party, Owambe, and other occasions. Asoebi is most common amongst the Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, and Efik etc. Young ladies and women love wearing fashionable asoebi designs at events, as it makes them to stand out in the crowd.

Asoebi designs range in various materials such as George, lace and ankara etc. It varies in different beautiful colours, and be sewn in diverse styles ranging from blouse, gowns, skirt, Buba, trousers, and wrapper.

Lace is a most popular and choicest fabric for asoebi designs.

Here are a range of gorgeous 2021 asoebi lace - ankara designs in their various colours, and styles:

This lace gown is designed with ruffled flaps on one side of the shoulder, and another set of ruffles at the bottom, from the knees down to the feet. It gives the dress its uniqueness.

A dark colored red lace is never boring. It illuminates your complexion, and you look glamorous. This has a side split, revealing beautiful legs.

This mermaid shaped lace gown with a low back cut is a great fit for ladies to show their lovely complexion.

This is an off - shoulder three quarter lace gown with fringes attached at the shoulders, and knees. This design looks absolutely gorgeous.

This off - shoulder long mermaid gown looks amazing. The teal green gele matches evenly with the lace attire. It has large ruffles at the lower section of the gown, and some fringes on both shoulders.

Ginger orange is an attractive colour and will make you stand out in the crowd.

This lace design has got you looking like royalty. The lace gown has a side attached veil to it. Feel free to either attach it to one side of your gown or both.

Pink is an attractive colour. It comes in different shades, as the soft pink on the left, which is one-off-shoulder mermaid gown with soft ruffles on both sleeves. And the wine pink on the right, which is an halter - neck mermaid gown. Note the dress accessory hanging around her waist. This gives a spectacular finish.

Adding satin to your lace is also lovely. Just as the style in the middle.

If you can combine your lace with another material, which compliments the lace, it can only make the attire look more stunning.

This off - shoulder one hand lace gown with attached bell- shoulder is simply stylish. The front appearance is designed with three flaps, laid on top each other at the waist. This gives a blouse appearance, whereas it's a finely tailored mermaid shaped gown.

It is important to choose a style which fits your body shape. This gown is a unique design. It is shaped and tailored to her figure. This style will fit ladies of various sizes.

Long lace gowns fit both plus sized and slim ladies. They can be sewn in different styles and make you look fabulous. Remember to select a material that will complement with your complexion. Then select a style and design you like, and get a skilled designer that will sew it.

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