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Smart Choices To Wear With Pleated Skirts

There has been too much reliance on trousers, especially jeans, because they are more comfortable and versatile. Except for office and formal events, many women don't even remember to switch up their styles with skirts.

Thanks to pleated skirts, they have realized that skirts come first before trousers. The pleated skirt has been in vogue for a while now, and it will be hypocritical not to notice the amazing ways people have styled it. This article will show you more ways to wear your pleated skirt and appear stylish and girly.

Pleated skirt with camisole and blazers 

This look can fit into formal and semi-formal events comfortably. Whether you have a patterned or plain pleated skirt, you can pair it with a white or black camisole and then layer them with a blazer with suitable color. Another way to wear this is to wear a monochrome top and skirt, then add a bright-colored blazer.

Pleated skirt and T-shirt

You can either make this a casual Friday wear or evening outfit. For your evening outfit, you may opt for a graphic T-shirt to blend with the street while staying girly. Choose a bright color skirt and blend it with a black or white T-shirt for a smart appearance. Your shoes can be stiletto or comfortable sandals.

Tank top and pleated skirt

For an evening summer look, a tank top and pleated skirt will appear good on you. To create a look focused on elegance, you may tuck in your top and hold your skirt with a bold belt.

Pleated skirt and denim shirt

A pleated skirt and denim shirt will give you a complete casual look. You may also wear a white T-shirt and wear a denim shirt as a layover jacket.

Sweater and pleated skirt

Are you looking for a cold seasonal addition to your pleated skirt? Try a sweatshirt or turtleneck sweater to keep you warm and cozy. Meanwhile, this fits for office wear as well as a business casual outfit.

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