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Natural & Unique- Creative Henna Designs For A Perfect Beauty

According not history, henna was used in India, particularly the Arabian Peninsula, North Africa and Suburb of Africa , West Africa countries which includes Nigeria.

The name henna has come a long way and in Nigeria, laali is more popular. Incase you're wondering how henna is made, well, isn't it magical that, whole unbroken henna leaves will nevee stain ones skin. Indeed henna leaves are magical leaves and nature couldn't have been less beautiful.

According to research, Henna will not stain skin no matter how much you come in contavt with it until what is known as the lawsone molecules are released.from the laali or henna leaves.

Nevertheless,it is to be noted that, henna leaves when dried, will stain the skin once the leaves are mashed into a paste texture. The lawsone will gradually migrate from the henna paste into the outer layer of the skin and bind to the protein in it, and this process is what is responsible for creating the stain we all know as henna body art.

Incase you are wondering how safe the henna is on the body, it is natural and this means it is very safe on the skin and will not cause adverse effect or complications on the skin.

Since, we all know that it is difficult to form intricately creative patterns from a coarsely crushed leaves, this is the reason why henna is mostly sold as a powder i.e, it is sold in powdwr form as we all know it. These powder is naturally made from natural process of drying, milling it and the sifting of the processed leaves. The dry henna powder is mixed with any of these liquids mentioned as follows; water, tea, lemon juice, although, people now mix henna powder with hydrogen peroxide.

Many henna artists are known to use sugar or molasses in the paste to improve consistency to keep it stuck to the skin better. The henna mix is always allowed to rest between one hour and 2days I.e 48 hours until its use this is for it to have the lawsone released out of the leaf matter.

Timing is also dependent on the particular crop of henna which is being used. It doesn't matter however the crop of henna being used, the creativity of the designer is very important and this is where samples come to play. Are you a henna pro or the type of lady who loves to enjoy henna designed on their skin. Check out the article and watch out for unique creative henna design to try during this eid or for your wedding if you're a Muslim bride.

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