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Skin Care

Ladies, Check Out This Natural Homemade Recipe That Would Give You A Glowing And Radiating Skin

Every lady desires a glowing and shining skin, spotless and sparkling skin. For you to achieve this, exfoliation should be one of your skin care routines. Exfoliation helps in getting rid of dead skin cells which are responsible for dull skin and uneven skin. Exfoliation should be done at least three(3) times a week.

If you are looking for a bright and glowing skin then look no further. This turmeric body scrub is made entirely with natural ingredients which will slough off dead skin cells and leave your skin bright and glowing after only the first scrub. This natural turmeric body scrub is easy to make and will brighten, hydrate, and fix uneven skin tone. If you have used turmeric on the skin before, I am sure you know just how amazing this ingredient is especially for those with scars and dark spots and if you have not, I recommend this for you.


1. 2 cups sugar (brown)

2. 4 tablespoons of turmeric powder

3. coconut oil


Add your sugar and turmeric powder in a clean bowl. Slowly add in coconut oil till you get the texture of a scrub. If you have dry skin add more oil if you have oily skin add less oil. Then store in a tight container.

Effect of turmeric scrub on the skin:

Sugar is a natural and very effective exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and able to absorb other ingredients. If you don't regularly remove dead skin cells (exfoliate), they will accumulate; thereby making your skin look dull. Turmeric lightens/brightens the skin, reduces the appearance of dark spots, stretch marks and acnes, it evens skin tone. Turmeric has anti aging benefits which aids in glowing the skin and so much more while coconut oil moisturizes the skin. You can substitute coconut oil with any other oil of your choice or pure honey.

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