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4 Types of Fashion Items You can Bedazzle

Bedazzling is the process of embellishing fashion items by decorating with beads, glitters, sequins and other flashy adornments. Some examples of items that can be bedazzled are clothes, bags, shoes, and many more. When done right, bedazzling brings out the beauty of these fashion items. Keep reading for some bedazzled fashion pieces.

1. Bedazzled T-shirts. Add some shine to your outfits by including bedazzled T-shirts to your wardrobe. You can buy ready-made bedazzled shirt, or upcycle an old T-shirt by yourself. It is essential to be minimal in the use of accessories when styling a bedazzled shirt. To go for a classy look, match your bedazzled T-shirt with jeans, strappy sandals and a nice pair of earrings.         


Photo Credit: Dreamstime                    

2. Bedazzled Jeans. You will always stand out in bedazzled jeans. You can simply add stones and sequins to an old pair of jeans to revamp them. It is also possible to buy ready made bedazzled jeans. Match your jeans with plain tops to get a chic look; add some sneakers to the mix and you are good to go.     


Photo Credit: Bustle                      

 3. Bedazzled Dresses. These are perfect for formal events such as red carpets and dinner dates. Match your dress with a classy pair of heels, accessorize minimally as well. You don't want to look extra flashy.             


Photo Credit: Cichic                       

4. Bedazzled Jacket. The perfect accessory for a pair of jeans and a nice top, Bedazzled jackets can be made using most jackets. To get the best look, it is advisable to use denim jackets.                     

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Step out in dazzling glory today! Which of these do you love the most? Let me know in the comments below.

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