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Avoid These Mistakes When Wearing Your Jeans

Jeans are one of the most common trousers among men and women. They are flexible to some extent as you can pair them with almost all tops. As popular as they are, jeans are also the most incorrectly worn material. They are everywhere, so no one cares about the style.

If you are keen on staying on top of your fashion games, learn about the mistakes men make when it comes to jeans so that you can avoid them.

1. Loose jeans

Unarguably, this is the number one mistake some men make. Even if you prefer relaxed trousers, they shouldn’t look like they have been worn by your dad. Loose jeans ruin your entire outfit no matter what you pair with them. Instead, they should sit comfortably on your waist with little room for air.

2. Slim-fit jeans

Except you are acting a play or have a special occasion, slim-fit jeans are not for you. Unlike women’s slim-fit jeans, these jeans don’t look good on men, especially if they are very thin, tall, or have thick thighs. Good-fitting trousers are a better option.

3. Your jeans length should end at the ankle.

There are jeans shorts and quarter jeans, but your jeans should never stay slightly on your ankle or below.

4. Corporate shoes and jeans

No matter the appropriation people make in the name of fashion these days, jeans can only blend well with casual footwear. Wearing them with formal shoes doesn’t look good. Sporty shoes or sneakers are better alternatives.

5. Layered jeans

Layered jeans are not a style statement. If your jeans pile up above your legs, you should visit your fashion designer immediately to make some cuts.

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