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Tips for Recognizing Original Jean Outfits When Shopping

 When shopping for jeans, you really have to be extremely careful so that you won't end up buying a fake jean.

If the jeans material is original, it shouldn’t have any loose thread on it. The stitching also has no single opening that will allow any thread to pop out. The stitches must be very tight.

So, if per chance, you see any loose threads on the jeans outfit you want to buy, just leave them. It is not an original jean. 

Check for Stretch: This is critical to remember whenever you want to buy a pair of stretchy jeans.

If you want to check for stretch, just take a look at the label of the jeans and make sure they have at most 2 percent stretch.

And whenever you’re buying stretch jeans, it is advisable you buy a smaller size. This is because this jeans' fabric will definitely stretch and loosen as you keep wearing them.

It's better you get a much smaller size so that when it stretches, it’ll still suit your body perfectly.

Check the quality of the zips and buttons.

Original jeans usually have strong zippers and buttons. Tailors who make original jeans won’t invest in standard textiles and then go ahead and use cheap buttons and zippers. Everything will be top quality from the start to finish.

Jeans buttons must not only be tight, they must be secure too. If the buttons or zips are very loose, it means that the jean wasn’t produced well. If you still go ahead and buy these jeans with loose buttons, they’ll fall off in the future. And when they do, be prepared to spend your money on new buttons.

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