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What a Girl Experienced To Pierce Her Tongue [video]

A girl decided to share a video to her fans of what she went through to get her tongue pierced.

even as piercing of tongue isn't acceptable in some religion some still pierce their tongue.

Is piercing of tongue a fashion or does it mean something in particular, because the pain the lady went through to get her tongue pierced is not encouraging. How comfortably will she be able to eat.

With an experienced and professionally trained piercer you might not feel much pain during the process, you will only feel a pinch and the process will be conducted quickly, you will experience a deal of swelling afterward,slight lisp and difficulty speaking for about two or more days. Hygiene is also important when you are piercing to prevent the risk of getting infection.

Click Here for Video

well, i will strongly advice you not to pierce your tongue due to multiple reasons.

what is your thought about this?

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