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See How Painfully A Lady Was Crying, While Having Her Tongue Pireced

"Why Subject Yourself To So Much Pain?", was one of the fans' reactions to the lady seen in the photo below, while having her tongue pierced by a so-called expert.

It is simply appalling how some ladies, all in the name of fashion are now used to damaging some parts of their bodies, especially the sensitive parts.

I mean what is the enjoyment or the main reason why a lady will put a ring in her ' center of excellence' or in her tongue or even more than five positions in her ear? Is it for beauty, attraction, or creativity?

As seen in the video, the lady is seriously groaning while a specialist is helping her to pierce her tongue.

Of course, different reactions have generated from the social media, after the post was made by instablog9ja.

Read people's reactions below

Not many men are usually seen piercing their tongues or any part of their bodies, as the isue of body piercing only remains popular among women between the ages of 18-25

Why do women now pierce their tongues or their sensitive parts?

Does tongue piercing actually have any usefulness or benefits? No, I am not really certain about that. But incase you know any reason or reasons why women Pirece tongues or what the usefulness of any other sensitive part of their body is, don't hesitate to share with the readers of this article. 

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