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Dressing Up For The Nigerian Rainy Days

Rainy seasons can be a handful to deal with when it comes to dressing up especially in a country like Nigeria where we have 'wonderful roads'. Lol.

An average person is careful of what to wear so they don't have to worry about having a bad day because of a ruined outfit. That is why it is important you read this article. I wrote some tips below to help you maintain your good looks even on a rainy day. 

1. Have a raincoat

Whether or not you have a car, you want to have a raincoat in your bag each time you're stepping out during the rainy season. This is because you can't afford not to prepare when it comes to rain. Once you have a raincoat, you would bother little about what you wear and it will get ruined by rain. 

2. Wear more leather, cotton, polyester and Linen made outfits

These fabrics are typically easier to dry clean so you may consider wearing more of it during rainy days in case you get stained with mud. 

3. Wear dark colours

You don’t have to stop looking your best because of the weather, you may just need to go solo on colours. You can still maintain your sporty, street, business casual or what have you style in dark shades of clothing.  

4. Leather jackets and Sweaters

Jackets whether lightweight, middleweight or heavyweight are great accents for your outfit during the rainy season. Owning sweaters can add style to your outfit while keeping you warm if selected correctly. Ensure you choose colours that are neutral or dark in shades so they can fit any colour of outfit.

5. Waterproof boots and sneakers

Investing in an innumerable pairs of waterproof boots and sneakers is very crucial for the rainy days. This will save you a lot of worries if you live in areas where roads are not as good. More so, they are stylish and will work with most outfits if the right colours are selected. 

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