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Dress Style


Opinion: Our outfits speak a lot about us

How you look matters a lot, the way you dress says a lot about you weather positively or negatively. For you to look good positively good, you must have a taste for fashion, because fashion makes our outfits more stylish and trending. They are variety of fashion today and they are listed below:

·       Vintage Fashion Style: this is a type of outfits made with classic fabrics like cotton, linen, tweed, silk, wool, and linen. Clothing made of any of these fabrics always gives off an elegant flavor of their own.

·       Casual Fashion Style: this is a type of fashion outfits with classic clothing such as jeans and tee-shirts or sweaters. If you are not particularly interested in fashion trends, but want to feel stylish and look contemporary this is a good style for you.

·       Artsy Fashion Style: this is a type of fashion as it suggests surrounding with more creativity for individual. Women who tend to dress in this style are often drawn towards items that are hand crafted, or particularly unique

·       Chic Fashion Style: it also means "stylish" or "smart". It was originally a French word.

·       Exotic Fashion Style: this is a type of fashion which focuses on something very uncommon and different for ordinary people. It is often mysterious and intriguing. The clothing style centers on rich colors, embroidery, mysterious patterns, prints, and mosaics

·       Ethic Fashion Style: this is a type of fashion that embraces and represents a culture and allows one to celebrate her heritage and origin. Ethnic fashion is inspired by the culture where it originates.

And many more…… 

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