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How Yemi Alade's Traditional Themed Photo Shoot Showcases Our Unique African Culture

Popular Nigerian Singer, Yemi Alade is a great and talented fashionista. She values fashion and puts in her best to appear good.

Recently, Yemi Alade gave us a unique fashion creativity as she perfectly dressed in a native way. In this content, I explained how Yemi Alade's traditional themed photo shoot showcased our unique African Culture.

1. Her Choice of Outfit and it's colour were perfect.

Looking at the above photo, she gave us a unique native view, as she perfectly dressed in a native wear. Even without knowing the African culture she is trying to represent, just by looking at her appearance, is portrays an African culture.

With her native appearance, there are many things a fashionista can grab, as the colour of her outfit was really perfect and played a great role in complimenting her skin tone.

Yemi Aladi picked a nice outfit colour that perfects her skin tone, and also gave her a captivating appearance. Her choice of colour was really great.

2. The outfit setting were really inspiring and unique. This should not just inspire a fashion lover, but also a designer and makeup artist. I so much admire how she matched the local hairs and set them both round her neck, her waist and her leg.

Also her bra styling was highly inspirational, coupled with the skin tight she wore, gave her a lovely appearance. Unlike the foreign setting of bra, she tired round a piece of wrapper which is also part of African culture of covering their private part.

3. Her Hairstyle perfects the kind of outfit she wore. Her hairstyling is another simple African pattern of hairstyling, which also perfects her outfit. We all know that hairstyles also play a great role in matching both your attire and appearance. She made a simple hairstyle that perfects her outfit, and also compliments her native appearance. This is another high sense of fashion that should be learnt from her.

4. Her fashion accessories were also perfectly rocked. Yemi Alade wore local beads, mostly wore by Africans to perfect their traditional appearance.

Looking at the photo above, she wore a local neck beads and wrist beads, and the colours were of perfect matching to both Yemi Alade's appearance and outfit. She gave a great local appearance, which can inspire any member of the tribe/culture.

Which Culture/Tradition do you think she is representing?

Photo Credit: Instagram / yemialade.

Content created and supplied by: TwinkleBeautyBlog (via Opera News )

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