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Exotic Corporate Shoes For Gentlemen and Women

Corporate shoes refers to the shoes that employees wear to work. The dress code ranges from traditional and formal to smart casual , business casual and casual.

When dressing for business professional , individuals should wear a dark - coloured ( gray, Navy and brown ) corporate shoe. The dressing should be simple avoid bright colors or busy patterns. Men should wear a pair of socks preferably black or blue with a belt that has the same color with the shoe.

Within the century a lot of upgrades has been applied to our footwears making them very gorgeous and beautiful to purchase and wear.

When it comes to shopping for shoes a lot of things always come to our mind , some individuals prefer the sneakers, boots, brogues and even heels for some women.

But for the purpose of this article I will be focusing on the corporate models e.g brogues

Corporate shoes always make us look matured, responsible and rich.

When worn frequently you will notice that you start commanding respect from your peers.

Wich one do you like among these pictures?

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