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See Pictures of Yoruba vs Igbo Guys attire.

Nigeria is a country with numerous ethnic nationalities. These ethnic groups have their traditional peculiarities ranging from lifestyle to outward fashionable expression through clothing which distinguish them from one another. In fact, outfits are not just a mark of identity for many people, it also expresses their values. 

Today, we will be looking at the dress codes of the following ethnic groups:

1. Yoruba Attire 

2. Igbo Attire

1. Yoruba 

The Yorubas occupy the South western part of Nigeria. They are known to be great custodians and observers of culture. No doubt these lovers of nature also have a rich culture. A yoruba man or woman normally stands out with their conspicuous dressing. With their unique outfit, they look royalty and chiefly and dispose of a confident carriage.

For instance, the traditional yoruba male attire is never complete without the corresponding cap generally known as the "Fila." This cap is mostly sown or handwoven with Aso oke fabrics, velvet, cotton or damask. Yoruba caps would be worn as head gears to complement native yoruba outfits such as Agbada and simple native wears made with Ankara. 

Some other caps worn by these westerners to match their cultural wears are "Abeti Aja" meaning "ears of a dog", Kofi style, Gobe style just to mention but a few.

Below are some pictures showing the yoruba dress codes:

2. Igbo 

The Igbos are simple peace-loving people who occupy the eastern part of Nigeria. They are very industrious and are known as business geniuses. Little wonder they can be found in various business places all over the world. 

The Igbo people are not too tribalistic or culture crazy, but they also hold certain practices sacrosanct. One thing that is clear to spot is their cultural attire. The men will normally wear a red or black cap and a short jumper top known as "Isi Agu" and an elegantly sown trouser and leather shoes to match. This out fit is normally accompanied by Igbo traditional dressing accessories such as beads known as "Aka" on the wrist and the neck. They also carry a walking stick which completes their dressing and makes them appear smart. 

Here are some pictures displaying the beautiful clothing heritage of the Igbo People:

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