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4 ways ladies can style their Ankara this month

Are you in need of various ways to style your Ankara fabric or blend it with another material? It isn't a bad thing if that's what you want. You can virtually blend any material with ankara and the combination has proven to be fashionable at anytime. In this article, I will be revealing to you different means to style Ankara material with other fabric. Ankara on its own is a lovely fabric. What more when we blend it with other fascinating fabrics? We get a glamorous look of course. Below are ways you can style and blend ankara fabric with other clothing materials.

1. Mix and match of two Ankara fabric with different pattern and design

Fashion designers are gradually incorporating different ankara fabrics to create a style. In whatever ratio an attire is styled, it is definitely going to make you look unique wherever you find yourself.

2. Ankara and jean trouser/skirt

This combination reminds me of when I rocked an Ankara top with jean trouser. It looks weird but the uniqueness wasn't overestimated. Rocking jean trouser or skirt is cool and adorable. What more when you blend it with an Ankara? Your look is transformed into some outlandish.

3. Ankara and lace

Lace is a light clothing material that has patterns of holes, usually built up from a single thread. This fabric is most time used for weekend occasions and it isn't a bad idea if you blend it with ankara. It might look weird at first but you will be amazed at the fascinating look the combination brings. The combination of these fabrics is sure to give you a captivating look.

4. Ankara and organza

Organza is a thin, transparent, sheer fabric made from silk. It's a good fabric to style with your ankara fabric.

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