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Skin Care

4 home remedies to remove scars on our face

Wounds, cuts and burns on the face can be so discouraging and reduce one's pride or confidence. This is why some ladies would go for surgery since there seems to be no solution for it. While some scars can easily be dealt with, some are not easy and they take time before they leave. All in all, if the right practices can be applied, eventually the scar would leave and it would blend with our natural face again. If we don't want to go through the stress of surgery, here are five home remedies for your skin scar.

It is called home remedies because they are something we can easily find at home to apply to our faces.

Vitamin E: This is one of the best-known remedies for skin scars and stretch marks. It is a natural method and it helps a lot to improve our skin and quality. It stimulates the formation of collagen and improves skin texture, strength and flexibility. You apply the vitamin E product at home, leave for some time before washing it off. Repeat this daily and see how your skin would improve. You can also eat food that is rich in vitamin E to give the best result.

Pure aloe vera gel: This can also be used to improve the quality of our skin. It helps in getting rid of stretch marks and scars. Apply the gel on the face and leave it. You don't need to wash it off. Your skin would absolve it and make use of it. This can be repeated two to three times a day for the best result.

Cucumber paste: This is common and we often see them on our television and watch them in films. You'll see people slicing cucumber on their faces. They'll leave it for some time before they'll finally take it off. Cucumber nourishes and hydrates the affected and help to fade the scars.

Honey: We all know the importance of honey. It is commonly found at home and used. It has amazing health benefits and can be used on our scars too. Apply the raw honey on our scar and leave for some time. With time, we'll begin to see the changes in our faces or body.

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