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How To Convert Jeans Into A Skirt

Do you know you can add a new skirt to your wardrobe without shopping, yeah sounds cool isn't?

Making a denim skirt is a great project to re-use those jeans with too-tattered hems or too-short pairs that still fit well, all you have to do is up-cycle them.

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Read the directions all the way through before beginning.

Ripping out and Cutting

To transform jeans into a jeans skirt, you will need to remove stitching without ripping or tearing the fabric.

Lay the jeans flat on a table. Smooth from the waist down until you reach a point where the crotch seam will no longer lay flat. Mark this point with a pin.

How to Make a Jean Skirt Out of Jeans. : 11 Steps (with Pictures) -  Instructables

Filling in the Center Opening.

Rough cut a rectangle of denim at least an inch larger than the area you need to fill in. Pay attention to the fabric grain. In most denim, you can see the threads of the fabric. 

How To Make A Skirt Out Of Jeans - Farmhouse on Boone

Start Sewing the Insert

Using thread to match the existing topstitching in the upper thread (do not use topstitching thread in the bobbin as it is too thick), edgestitch along the folded edge of the insert on top of the lower leg. 

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