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10 Best Hairstyles for women who are 40 years and above

It is understandable to assume that someone who is more than 40 years old have probably tried a lot of different hairstyles, but that doesn’t mean she can’t try out some new and exciting haircuts.

Browse through the gallery to see what hairstyles the celebrities – who really know how to deal with fashion – have in their forties.


Felicity Huffman is not only famous as an actress, but also for her trendy hairstyles. Felicity’s elongated face and striking features are very well softened by the soft waves and the long-combed side bangs. The golden tones of the blonde blush help highlight the warmer colors of the skin, which gives her a brilliant and youthful look.


Victoria Beckham is unique for bringing back this style in her fashion industry. The bob style is a classic hairstyle that most of the women like because it is simple but not boring, easy to handle and not too short to be considered as “not feminine”.


Pink’s style is recommended for those who want to differentiate themselves from the crowd or want to have an extreme look. Pink was always favored for her short hairstyle and of its boyish nature. This extreme style not just looks really cool but super easy to handle. Pink’s style became such a trend that Rihanna, Willow Smith and, most recently, Miley Cyrus chose a similar hairstyle.


Anna Wintour is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry as being the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. She is known for her Cleopatra’s hairstyle, which she would never change. As a mark of identity by legendary records, she wears this very same style of a haircut since she was 14 years old.


Meg Ryan was undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses of the nineties. As her film career increased, her short, blond hairstyle became more and more popular: millions of women asked their hairdresser to cut the “Meg Ryan haircut” for them.


Ginnifer Goodwin was really brave when she decided to cut her hair that short because usually, the very short hairstyles are not ideal for the rounded face shape. But as you see she made a good decision and her hairdresser did a good job with this pixie-style haircut which does not widen her face at all.


The Latin diva was not only blessed with amazing body shape but also with beautiful hair. For ladies who have similar look like Jennifer Lopez, brown hair, with a few shades of lighter bundles, is a good choice. It looks great straight and wavy too. Choose the right hair care to keep your brown hair healthy and shiny.


Zoe’s hairstyle is simple, but elegantly great. She is lucky to have those beautiful natural waves in her hair, but you can easily get the same effect with a large curler. Stitched into a bun or a ponytail will give you a very natural and youthful look.


Stana Katic’s hairstyle is a perfect choice for women over 40 who likes the simple but yet glorious look. It is short, lovely and soft. The light waves and the long bangs give elegance, and the asymmetric cut brings a bit of playfulness into the style. The color is also a great choice for ladies with similar skin and eye color.


Davina McCall’s haircut is a great example of how the fringe can help to keep the look youngish. It not only covers forehead wrinkles but also highlights the eyes and other beautiful parts of the face. If your skin is lighter or you find the color too dark, don’t worry, this haircut looks great in lighter colors too.

Note: With these you are sure to get some inspiration for your next visit to your hairdresser.





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