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Fabulous Kaftan Styles For Lagos Big Boys

One thing that is common in Lagos is that you would see many guys who are struggling to belong to a specific class. They might not have the wherewithal to be in this particular group, but they, by all means, want to belong to the elite class of guys called the ‘Lagos Big Boys’. 

There are several ways to spot a Lagos big boy. They do not have to say anything before you know that this one belongs to that particular category. They ride good cars, they mostly use Apple products, and their crib is usually spot on.

You can spot how neat they dress; Lagos big boys are particular about the way they look, so they will surely bring the ‘baffs’ and make sure all eyes turn when they walk into a room. A Lagos big boy does not joke with his traditional outfits because it is an opportunity to make a statement. 

This is why they would wear the best Kaftan styles that would have people wondering if their tailors are from Havard or Cambridge. Kaftans are generally chic-magnets; I am sure this is one reason Lagos big boys always have girls running after them. 

If you want to measure up to this particular class, there is a lot you have to do. But your outfits could be a start, it also represents your persona and how you want people to see you. These Kaftan designs would make you stand out like you ought to. At the end of the day, you would come back to thank me for giving you some tips about upgrading your style like a true Lagos big boy. 

Content created and supplied by: Edna_Francis (via Opera News )

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