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Ways to keep your curly eyebrow hair straight

Curly eyebrows can be very annoying especially for the ladies. You'd spend time brushing and styling them up only for them to go in directions they like in few seconds. Are you one of the ladies with this problem, then read on because this post is for you. According to wikiHow, here's how to discipline those brows.

Brush up the hairs: You can use old mascara brush or eyebrow brush to brush up your brows to see what's making them misbehave. Sometimes it could be that the hairs are too long and you genetically have curly or wavy hair.

Remove unwanted hair with tweezers: After sorting out the pattern you want your eyebrow or finding out your eyebrow shape, tweeze out hairs that stand in the way to disfigurvthe natural way your eyebrows should follow.

Trim the curls with scissors: Now you are done tweezing and your eyebrow shape is defined. What about those in the middle you can't tweeze that are trying to make your eyebrows appear uneven? Just get a scissors and trim them away.

Wax your eyebrows: Wow! Your eyebrows are now defined but how about gluing them in place to keep them straight while applying your makeup? This is where the waxing comes in. When you wax your eyebrows, the rest of the curly hairs are straightened.

To lock in those brows in a straight position, apply brow gel on top of the wax. Use eyebrow stick or brush to apply the gel over your eyebrow. You can apply coconut oil or olive oil on your eyebrows every night before bed.

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