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Here Is What You Should Know About Damask Fabrics

Damask fabric is usually made from light silk, cotton, wool, linen, and other synthetic fibers. Damask is a very rich reversible, higly patterned and decorative fabric, made by weaving. 

Made in the early middle ages, the name "damask" is derived from a city called Damascus. 

This fabric usually comes in simple patterns or patterns decorated with fruits and vines.


Damask fabric made from wool is the favorite of so many women because it is usually very heavy and, as such, can be worn during rainy seasons. Damask fabrics


made of cotton fibers are also very popular and widely accepted because they are very cheap and serve so many purposes. For example, they can be used in making bed sheets, underwear, curtains, and even light clothes.

One good thing about damask outfits is that they have great durability. Linen damask is another type of damask that is very rampant.

Most of the time, damask is confused with brocade and Ankara fabrics. They are also confused with any fabric that has a particular print.

It can look very much like brocade material, which has a very similar weave and appearance, but the major difference is that the brocade fabric has raised patterns and prints, whereas the damask fabric is completely flat. The patterns on the brocade fabric are an integral part of its appearance.


 Damask fabric is reversible in the sense that you can change the designs on it even after the production of the fabric, but the prints and patterns on a brocade fabric can not be reversed.

The different patterns on damask fabrics are created using different weaving techniques and styles. The different weaves give a different design and style to the fabric.


 Most of the time, damask fabrics have more designs than brocade, and this is why damask fabrics are mostly used in making curtains and clothes.

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