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Here Is What You Should Do Whenever Your Lips Start Peeling

Have you ever had parched or cracked lips even when it’s not the popular harmattan season? This alone is very embarrassing, especially when anyone around you asks you, as a way of suggesting help, to go apply some lip oil. The worst of it is when the lips keep breaking even when you have some lipstick in your bag to apply. To save you from walking about with rough and cracked lips, in this article, I'll list out those various things you should do whenever your lip starts peeling.


Here is what you need to do:

1. Please don’t lick your lips when they peel.

The first thing anyone who has cracked lips does is seriously lick their lips. But this is totally wrong and isn’t the first thing you are supposed to do when your lips are peeling. Please try as much as possible to resist the urge to lick your lips when they are cracked or peeling. This is simply because, as saliva evaporates from your mouth, your lips only get drier, making it even worse than before.

2. Drink plenty of water; the reason your lips are peeling, breaking, or even cracking is that they are extremely dry.

So try to drink enough water in order to nourish your lips. Make it a constant habit to always drink water all through the day.

3. Apply some natural remedies:

A high intake of fruits, vegetables, and natural oils are also part of what you should do whenever your lips are peeling.

For example, cucumber is a vegetable that has a lot of water. It also contains a very high level of vitamins and minerals that can improve the appearance of your lips. You can equally apply honey and coconut oil on your lips. They will make your lips appear soft.

4. Finally, apply a non-irritaing lip balm.

Please note that it is not every lip balm that treats cracked or peeling lips. Some of them usually contain ingredients that dry out your lips. Hence, when your lips are dried or peeled, you should completely avoid those lip balms that contain camphor.

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