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This Lady Hasn't Cut Her Hair For 30 Years, See How She Takes Care Of It

She regularly trims her cut up ends to maintain her hair healthy, and now she has hundreds of Instagram fans who adore the photographs of her luscious locks.Balvinder from India says: People name me Real Rapunzel. They respect my hair and ask me how to grow healthy hair and how I actually have long healthful hair. I feel truly blessed to have such lovely hair. I am from a Sikh family and I like lengthy hair.

I started growing a child's hair, but I used to cut it once a month. My grandmother and dad had long hair. So I wanted my hair to grow like them. She was inspired by her father and grandmother who never cut their hair following religious practices.

Balvinder, however, trims hair in time to keep it healthy and shiny. Due to her shiny hair, she has amassed thousands of followers on Instagram and regularly posts videos of her silky hair, sometimes slipping down a bun, on-demand. To keep her hair healthy and shiny, Balvinder eats lots of vegetables and follows a high protein diet.

She massages her hair with an aggregate of almonds, coconut, and olive oil two times every week and does no longer experiment with shampoos. She says: I spend almost £ 60 a month looking after my hair. I wash it twice every week with a Body Shop shampoo and conditioner and use hair serum to detangle my hair.

It takes 20-25 mins to scrub my hair and some other 15 mins to brush them if they may be completely moist or tangled. Although Blavinder loves her braids, which additionally performed a function in supporting her find a husband, she says keeping them isn't easy.

She says, I only allow my husband to touch and comb my hair. He had noticed me for my long hair and then proposed to me saying that he will take care of my hair for life. He likes to comb my hair and oil it carefully. It is very hard to handle long braids. I can't maintain my hair down most of the time, I normally just tie it in a bun. Although I strive for extraordinary hairstyles, I prefer to tie them in a bun while I'm in a hurry.Surprisingly, it only takes Blavinder two minutes to tie a bow. Despite the length of your hair, you don't want to create any records. She says: I want healthy, shiny hair. The floor or ankle length is no better than that. I only believe in having healthy hair and I don't want to make a world record.

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