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Every Lady Should Know These 15 Clever Style Tricks

Whether you consider yourself a fashionista or wish you could live in your pyjamas all day, every lady will come across some fashion barriers at some point.

These 15 techniques of the trade are tips that every lady should have in her fashion armory, whether it's for a fashion emergency or just to clean up your regular wardrobe.

1. How to Tuck Jeans into Riding Boots.

Why aren't there any thin jeans? It's no problem! Follow these easy steps to get rid of your chunky-looking ankles for good.

2. Keep Your Bra Strap Hidden

This is a problem I'm all too familiar with. With this DIY bra strap concealer, you'll never have another embarrassing moment.

3. Choose the Correct Necklace

Choosing the incorrect type of necklace for your neckline might be a fashion disaster. Save this handy infographic instead of guessing!

4. Make Your Shoes Waterproof

You can preserve your beloved kicks from Mother Nature's wrath by using beeswax.

5. Make Your Own Cap Shoes

Metallic cap shoes are a cute style that we really like! But why replace your usual ballerina flats with a cap shoe when you can construct your own?

6. Tie Up Your Belt

You should know that belts aren't simply for your pants. Knot a belt around your waist for an immediate elegant makeover to a simple outfit.

7. How to Extend the Life of Your Shoes (Painlessly)

The days of teetering about your living room like Bambi are over! Instead, use this clever approach to break in your new shoes.

8. Half the Frump, Double the Layers

Layering is a popular trend, especially during the colder months of the year. However, layering might make you appear big and ugly in the torso. Put a tank top between the two layers to avoid the frump but preserve all the fabulousness of the layers. The tank prevents the lower shirt from bunching up, which may seem counterintuitive.

9. Refresh Your Horseshoes

Dirt and salt can be detrimental to our most important winter accessory: the riding boot, during the winter months. Make your old boots appear brand new using items you most likely already have on hand.

10. Sleeves that are perfectly cuffed

Who What Wear, one of my favorite blogs, shows us how to make those delightfully disheveled cuffs.

11. New Knotty Scarf Wearing Ideas

Scarves are my absolute favorite item in the fall and winter, and I wear them all the time. This is a terrific guide if you're seeking for a new, crisp way to wear your beloved scarf like I am.

12. Get Your Favorite Bra Repaired.

When the wires in your favorite bra start to poke through, it's a sad day. Use some moleskin to hide the troublesome parts to avoid the heartbreak of tossing away the Victoria's Secret push-up.

13. Spray Your Hoisery with Hairspray

This is something I wish I had known a week ago! My beloved tights were thrown out right away. Don't be like me and spray your tights with hairspray to prevent runs and reinforce the material.

14. Get Rid of Deodorant Stains

Everyone has heard the awful story: you arrive at work, glance down at your wonderful black blouse, and notice some unappealing white deodorant spots on the bottom. Yikes. Baby wipes are the answer, and it's a lot easier than we think.

15. T-Shirt Folding Techniques

This is a great step-by-step on how to fold your t-shirts so that they're simple to find, less wrinkled, and organized in your drawers for all you jeans and t-shirt aficionados (which I think could be everyone). My drawers are unquestionably from the past.Please share this important article with any lady.

Content created and supplied by: Longsonkev (via Opera News )

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