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Opinion: Face shield without face or nose mask is useless. #COVID19

Recently a lot of people stopped using nose mask and replaced it with face shield without asking if it truly prevents one from the virus which its being used for.

Its sold at different prices and people still go for it instead of the cheaper nose mask maybe to them once they have it, they have joined the rich gang or folks.

Face shield without a nose mask is useless so please if you want to wear a shield, also wear a nose mask for maximum protection.

Face shield to me protects one against dust, and breeze if you are on a bike and also protects one from touching his or her eyes.

To be on a safer side, I suggest one wears it with nose mask cos your mouth and nose are exposed if you wear only face shield.

To me, nose mask protects more than face shield so why use the money that ca n buy a packet of surgical nose mask to buy a face shield?

Stay safe until this pandemic is over.

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