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Check Blazer - How to Wear it with Class

It is not enough to purchase a blazer because all your friends have one or everybody is wearing it. You should know how to wear it, otherwise, people will think you have an ordinary coat on. 

Besides, it will be a disrespect to style a check blazer incorrectly. It is different from other plain blazers and, as such, needs to be treated differently. This is a classic and versatile piece. Check blazers come in different colors and designs, including tweed, window-pane, Prince-of-Wales, window-pane, and so on.

Now the question is, how do you wear a check blazer? Read to the end to find out more.

Try with colorful pants

Make your outfit shine by pairing your check blazer with a dress shirt and colorful pants, including red, wine, or deep pink. Your pants can be chino or cotton trousers. With brown dress shoes, you will rock any formal event gallantly.

Pair with another pattern shirt

A patterned shirt can blend well with a check blazer if you pick the right shirt. Ensure the patterns on the shirt are tiny and not too heavy. However, you can stick to neutral colors, like white, blue, or black, if you are in doubt.

Try with jeans

This combo is an effortless formula for a semi-formal or date night look. Wear your check blazer with fitted jeans and a plain T-shirt. Throw in a pair of moccasins or boat shoes.

Check blazer and chino

This is a classic fusion that suits formal occasions as well as a business casual outfit. A check Beige or khaki trousers with a check blazer can be a versatile look. Go for navy blue or grey check blazers and comfortable dress shoes.

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