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3 Colours Girls Should Consider Wearing On their First Date

Some people are not aware that colours have physiological effects on others. Some might even conclude on your character based on the colour of clothes they first saw on you, colour psychology is a real thing.

Some times it isn't all about putting on the perfect outfit for a date, you can also try to pay attention to the colour or colours you chose to go for. In this article we are going to be looking at 3 colours of clothes that girls should consider wearing to their first date.


Red is a colour that represents both passion and intensity, these are attractive qualities that men like. If you watch movies very well, in most scenes the ladies are seen coming down the stairs, looking beautiful on a red dress while the men look in admiration of her beauty.


Blue is a colour that represents both loyalty and intelligence. Some men are not all about the body, they are mainly focused on what you have upstairs, so wearing a blue dress can help you look smart and loyalty is an added bonus.


This is a colour that represents royalty, is there any more that needs to be said? Every man wants an elegant looking lady by his side.

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