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African Hairstyles To Do: Beyoncé’s Black is King.

It’s high time we talked about the hairstyles in Beyoncé’s newly anticipated visual album “Black is King” which was motivated by the Lion King movie which debuted on Disney + on July 31. 

Beyoncé’s lead hair stylist Neal Farinah was the lead in executing this film’s iconic looks. If you watched the film, you would see a span of different African hairstyles from the beaded bobs to intricate headpieces made out of braids.

Neal Farinah also explained the African historical references and inspirations behind Beyoncé’s various hairstyles in the film. Here there are in more simplified forms;

He also revealed that they created 40+ wigs and hairstyles for Beyonce in just 6 days.

This was a massive project for Farinah to accomplish alone. He assembled a team of other star hairstylists including Xia Charles, Nakia Rachon, Keinda Samuel, Nicole Newland, Safiya Warner, Kamilah Getestant, Tashana Miles, Kendra Garvey just to name a few, to scrupulously weave, braid & sew these wigs.

It took different specific pieces of traditions from different regions in Africa ranging from the clothes, hairstyles, dances & decorations. Obviously every single detail was embodied into the narrative of the film.

So if you always wanted to know the significance behind all the hairstyles in the videos, here you go and the ladies can also try out these hairstyles too.

It’s definitely a win-win!


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