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Skin Care

How To Have A Healthier Looking Skin

The skin acts as a sensory organ for touch. The skin is the body's largest and heaviest organ in the body and its function is to protect the inside of the body. The skin is also seen as the first contact of the body and its must handle with care, by making its glow, spotless and beautiful.

Ways to keep your skin healthy

1. Always eat fresh fruits and take enough foods rich in proteins and vitamins

Foods rich in vitamin c help make the skin look more radiant. Eg: Papaya, oranges, grapefruit.

2. Get good skincare for your skin.

Use body cleanser always washes your skin twice a day, and whenever you sweat it helps get rid of sorts and bacteria and other harmful substances that stay on the skin, always use shaving gel and shaving cream before shaving. Avoid harmful, harsh, and strong soaps on the skin. It can strip oil from your skin. 

3. Drink enough water and less caffeine 

Always stay hydrated and always shower with lukewarm, not hot water. After bathing always pay your skin gently don't dey your skin roughly. Keep your skin hydrated 24/7. And use a good moisturizer. Endeavor to always wear sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun

Most important get enough rest and keep your clothes and toiletries clean always. Dirty clothes keep dirt's on the skin. So make sure to always keep your clothes clean and properly organized. Change your bed sheets and pillow at least 3times a week

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