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For you: how to make cosmetic liquid soap for body and hands.

For those who are feeling bord on luckdown you don't have to worry or bord again, i have good and interesting thing for you. I have decided to teach you how to make a cosmetic liquid soap for body and hands not just make soap but also make money from it.


Olive oil 

Shea butter 

Alkaline solution 

Potassium hydroxide. 

         The making process 

Mix olive oil and coconut oil, then add water and Shea butter. Put on stove and heat until it becomes homogeneous then in small portions add an alkaline solution, there after dissolve potassium hydroxide until it becomes clear and mix thoroughly. Then mix the composition by blender, it should become liquid place the mixture for three hours in a water bath, do not forget to stir it constantly. It will become clear quite quickly after three hours, you will have excellent liquid soap. 

Store the soap. Flow the soap into a specially prepared bottle, for example soap bottle with dispenser, it is very comfortable. 

   You can ask question if you don't understand any thing. Drop your comment below and don't forget to like and share.

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