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Do you admire people with naturally long eyelashes? Grow yours in a week with these few things

Hello lovelies. Today I will be telling you a few stuff that you would do to get really long eyelashes.

If you do any of these properly you would see crazy improvement in a week.

The beauty that comes from naturally long eyelashes cannot be overemphasized.

To grow yours, use any one of these things which I'm gonna share with you right now;

1.) Castor oil

Castor oil moisturizes the lashes and provides an environment in which the lashes can grow faster. It is best used at night to allow the hair follicles absorb the oil.

How To Use;

Remove all makeup and wash face thoroughly.

Use a mascara wand or an eyeliner brush or a cotton bud to apply the oil to your lashes, leave overnight and wash the next morning. Do this every night and make sure you use 100% cold processed castor oil.

2.) Olive oil and honey

This powerful combo does wonders for lash growth and thickens the lashes, if you can use this you would see amazing results in a week.

How To Use;

Get 2 table spoons of pure olive oil, 2 tablespoons of water and a table spoon of warm, melted honey.

Pour these 3 in a small container and shake well. Apply with a cotton bud to lashes every night.

3.) Vaseline/ petroleum jelly

When it comes to making lashes long and full Vaseline works very well. It moisturizes, elongates and thickens the lashes.

How To Use;

Get a clean mascara wand and dip into the petroleum jelly so the Vaseline can spread on the wand. Apply to your eyelashes, upper and lower. Do this every night.

To get a more effective lash growth,add cocoa butter to your Vaseline and mix properly.

4.) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera fastens lash growth and makes it healthy and long. When you make a combo of aloe vera, castor oil and Vitamin E oil you will get attractive and fuller lashes.

How To Use;

Get 2 drops of vitamin E oil, 2 tablespoons of pure aloe vera and a tablespoon of castor oil and mix well.

Wash your eyes and face, use a mascara wand, dip into the mixture and apply to lashes every night, wash off in the morning.

Other tips to increase lashes are;

1.) Brush your eyelashes for at least 5 minutes everyday either with a mascara wand or an eyelash brush. This aids blood circulation around the eye lids.

2.) Eat a nutritious diet, eat foods and fruits that contain calcium, iron and B vitamins which aid lash growth.


Any mascara wand you are using must be a clean wand. Wash and clean your wand by removing mascara from it, then leave in really warm water for 5 minutes. Wash the brush, rinse and dry.

If you do not have a wand, or cotton bud, use your ring finger, after properly washing your hand to apply the remedies.

That's it guys. Please don't forget to follow for more of this. God richly bless you.

Content created and supplied by: CutieCutieCutie (via Opera News )


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