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How To Style Your Natural Hair By Yourself

The hair is one important asset in a ladies book. From washing, to plaiting , to styling. It comes from a place of importance as it enhances every lady beauty and even tho you didnt plait or fixed a wig. There are many ways you can beautifully style your natural hair and I bet you it would look absolutely beautiful.

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There are a thousand and one ways you can style your natural hair but I would be sharing a few out of the lot for you today and I hope you find it helpful.

1: Bantu knots with pretty edges: You can easily style your natural hair into the Bantu style and give it a pretty edge with your styling gel and edge control. Absolutely beautiful.

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2: Half up and half down bun: Your natural hair can as we be partition into twin pretty buns with one half up and the other half down.

3:Peacock High Bun: If you are not so comfortable with the half up and half down bun, you can as well style your natural hair to the peacock high bun style.


4: Two buns: Your natural hair can also be styled into two buns.

5: Free natural hair: You may be the type that doesn't have the strength of going through all this stress of styling and just decide to comb and loosely free your hair.

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6: Front afro bun: Styling your natural hair into a front afro bun is also beautiful.

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