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What to Wear to a Family Picnic

We are almost in the festive period where all sorts of celebrations are welcomed. One event that you might not avoid is a family get-together or picnic. It's the only moment family members get to be together in the same place. This moment is characterized by lovely memories and the sequence of the year's activities. 

It is important to look composed in this event since many older family members might be around. Looking composed does not, however, mean boring. It's all about maintaining a balance. Learn the right way to dress in this article as we give you some dressing tips.

Ankara short gown

Ankara short gown helps you keep in touch with your root while staying trendy. You can opt for a vibrant and well-patterned Ankara. Cute styles you may sew include wrap gown, Ankara romper, stylish skirt and blouse, and so on.

Denim jacket and T-shirt

One casual outfit suitable for a family picnic is a jacket laid over a T-shirt. Try holding a sling bag and wear sneakers to feel comfortable and laid-back.

A midi dress

You need to be free as much as possible on a picnic. As such, a flared or body con midi dress is your best option. Style comfortable sandals and a matching bag.

Jean and lace top

Jeans and lace top are the perfect combination for any picnic. The lace blouse is a way to show your fashionable side. Add some earrings and bracelet accessories to notch up your style.

Dress shirt

The dress shirt is an effortless way to appear stylish for any family picnic. It is decent, elegant, and gives you a natural look. Use a belt over your waist to create a more defined shape.

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