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Here’s How Jennifer Lopez Looks So Unbelievably Young And Gorgeous In Her 50s

How does Jennifer Lopez do, it? Her latest post on Instagram, where she flaunts her bare skin, has gone viral for all the right reasons! It’s her skin! As her fans would say, “J-Lo is a complete goddess.” Not for nothing, Jennifer Lopez is regarded as a fashion and beauty icon for decades, making and breaking trends on the red carpet each year since her breakout performance from the film, Selena.

From 1997 to this day, she looks the same, or should we say, she looks even better. So, how does she do it? We, as her steadfast fans, want to know about her anti-aging secrets. Well, unlike others, she does not believe in hiding her anti-aging secrets; in fact, she is always the first one to reveal what she tries on her skin to achieve that lit-from-within- glowing look.


Lopez believes in maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. She likes to stick to a low-carb and low-sugar diet for films like Hustlers, but for the most part, she sticks to healthy eating and not an overly strict diet. Also, she stays away from caffeine and other vices. Most of the diet consists of fresh ingredients such as fruits and veggies and yes, lots and lots of water. She also acknowledges the fact that good genes also play a part in achieving the always-glowing look. So, yes, her mom and grandmom should get some of the credit too.


The Maid in Manhattan actress also uses a lot of skincare products that help work on her complexion and makes it look so amazing. One of her go-to makeup gurus, Mary Phillips, reveals Lopez uses Själ’s Saphir Concentrate. It is the ultimate anti-aging facial oil which contains ingredients such as aquamarine, blue chamomile, botanical retinol, and a bio marine complex, which can set you back by $175. The other high-end products that find a way into her beauty cabinets are Lancer’s Eye Contour Lifting Cream, Lancer The Method: Cleanse, and Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream, which costs around $45 and $95. Another moisturizer that Lopez cannot do without is Crème de la Mer, another pricey but incredibly effective tool in her beauty arsenal.


She cannot do without her sun protection like ever. She cannot emphasize this enough— how a higher SPF can literally save your skin. She also tries not to be out in the sun for too long. She advises her fans to stick to a sun-screen that works and never forget to splash it on when you are out and about.


Sleep is important. Now where have you heard that before! Just kidding! While this is a basic and simple tip, most people do not emphasize this enough. Get your zzz’s and the Limitless singer reiterates that. She prefers to sleep for at least nine to 10 hours but more often than not she makes do with eight and she never compromises on quality sleep.


Lopez follows it to the T. She never literally never goes to sleep with layers of makeup on. We know what makeup can do to your skin, especially when you leave them on for long hours. It clogs your pores and the end result? It can cause your skin to break out. So, as per Lopez, find a good quality makeup removing cream to remove every speck of makeup till your skin is able to breathe again. She also believes in staying make-up free when she is not doing red carpets or other events or of course when she is not shooting. Ah well, with skin like that, you won’t need much make-up, would you? Lifestyle is everything for this gorgeous diva who makes 50 look the new 30! A little bit of discipline in your younger years can lay the foundation for your older years.

Well, whatever J-Lo does she does it in style, she also has her eponymous skincare line. We bet there are many takers for her products right? We mean if you really get to look like her in your fifties, what more can you want? A good lifestyle, a few bankable products, and sleeping on time. Well, it isn’t too difficult to follow, is it? Let’s give this a chance and let us know in the comments section below whether it worked for you too!

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